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Daughter of the Forest studies

I'm working on a new traditional painting, and here are the studies I did. First one in pencil, and another one is a color study I did in Photoshop.

Daughter of the Forest study, graphite pencil on 30x40cm paper

Graphite pencil on 30x40cm paper.

Daughter of the Forest color study, painted in Photoshop

A quick painting in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet.

Azrael process

Today I finidhed a new personal digital painting, and here are a few process steps:

Azrael digital painting WIP

The first step is after 2 hours, the second step after 4 hours, and last it the final image after 5 hours 50 minutes total. You can see the large finished work here.

An illustration I completely forgot to post

This was a secret project so I wasn't allowed to post it right away, and when I could I didn't remember to do it. It was a free (pro bono) rush work so it's very rough. Most of the details got lost in the budget print so I didn't bother painting details in the background, just the main character and a hinting of the monsters.

Istromancer cover illustration

Characters include Davor Šišović, the central figure of the book and the recipient of this unusual gift, the giant Veli Jože, vampire Jure Grando and a female supernatural creature that could be a Mora (nightmare), or a štriga (witch).

You can see the footage of the guerrilla book presentation here.

More nude sketches

Today's nude sketches from photo reference. On the left digital sketch in Photoshop that I gave up on after realizing how off some things were, and on the right a pencil sketch that went a little better.

Nude sketch digital Nude sketch traditional

Nude sketches

I did some 1-minute gesture sketches using the Figure Drawing Training Tool, and another one that took maybe 5 minutes. The nude in grayscale was done some time ago but I forgot to post it here.

Nude sketches

Nude sketch Nude sketch

And these are some face sketches I did in a pub today after 3 beers, tee hee :P


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