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Drawing class, part VII

More drawing class. I decided to try watercolor because I suck at it, which is pretty obvious from exhibit No.1:

watercolor portrait

So today, I tried again. For the first I had a small statue as a reference. Still sucking.

watercolor horse

And the other one was from a book about Lipizzan horses. Of course, the scanner ate most of the very subtle tones, but nevermind.

watercolor horse

I think the last one is not so bad.

Drawing class, part VI

Well, okay, I know some things are off. Once you stand back and look at the drawing mistakes just glare back at you accusingly... But it was too late to fix them. Or maybe not. Maybe I fix some things later. But for now this is it.

dry pastel portrait

Dry pastel on brown paper (40x60cm).

Drawing class, part V

My today's assignment was to draw the figure in shades of blue. Dry pastel on brown paper (40x60cm).

blue dry pastel portrait

Drawing class, part IV

I'm back to drawing class after a few months break. Here's an ink figure and a dry pastel figure on brown paper. This is my first time using dry pastel, so I think it's pretty fine.

ink figure pastel figure

Drawing class, part III

More charcoal drawings made in class. That's all* for now, I took a pause this month because of exams.

charcoal drapery charcoal drapery

* well, not exactly, but I don't plan to publish the rest.

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