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Video: Fantasy mixed media & landscapes sketchbook tour 2009–2023

This is a very special sketchbook tour. I started using this sketchbook back in 2009, and it's 2023 now... So this sketchbook is quite a journey from my very first watercolor urban sketches to various mixed media stuff that I'm doing right now.

Although it took me so long to complete it, I'm really fond of this sketchbook because some of my favorite drawings are inside.

Long video with explanations of inspiration & the techniques I used

Short video, no talking

Here are a few other mixed media sketchbook tour videos:

P.S. If you're wondering, this is a Winsor & Newton 170g spiral-bound sketchbook that I bought way back in 2005. Although they still have sketchbooks that look like this one, as far as I know the paper is not the same quality. This old sketchbook handled watercolor and ink fairly well, like a cellulose hot press sketchbook. The cartridge paper in the newer sketchbooks is not as good. Although I've enjoyed using this sketchbook (apart from the spiral) I can't recommend W&N sketchbooks in general.

Spider lady

I was ill for a week and thus too tired to even get up from bed, let alone do something, like draw.. or whatever. Now just that I got better the weather is terrible and I have a million things to do and I'm feeling a bit depressed. So I decided to draw something to shake it off. Not really sure if it worked.

Spider lady in a dress ink sketch

Pentel brush pen in a Moleskine sketchbook.
I started drawing a lady in a dress and she just got the spider legs in the process... though they're not visible. I always wanted to draw Lolth, but this isn't how I imagined her :) I'll paint her some other day.

Moonlit window process

Here are the process shots of the illustration I finished tonight:

Moonlit window process

  1. Pencil sketch
  2. Pen & ink line-art
  3. Watercolor layers - Ultramarine sky, Ultramarine + Quinacridone magenta dress, Quinacridone magenta + Raw umber skin, Ivory black on the moon, windowsill, shirt, hair and shoes.
  4. Color and watercolor pencils shading, and done :)

View finished painting: Moonlit window

Ink, watercolor and color pencils on 21x30cm paper.

Moonlit window lineart

I decided to redraw another old sketch I found in a pile. Pen and ink.
Yeah, the bottom of the windowsill is hanging a bit, I drew it all freehand, so no wonder.

And why do I always have to spill my ink when I'm using it? Argh, I almost ruined entire block of drawing paper, that would have been a disaster.

Jewelry design - from sketch to reality II

Lately I've been mostly sketching just jewelry and other handmade items, but I'm reluctant to share them before I'm done with the project itself. So I decided to share some old sketches (some up to 3 years old!) that in the end got turned into jewelry.

Click on the images to see the finished piece in my gallery.

jewelry sketch velvet lace cameo choker
velvet lace cameo choker

jewelry sketch cameo brooch
cameo brooch

jewelry sketch anatomic heart brooch

jewelry sketch bat hair sticks

jewelry sketch bunny hairband

And my newest piece I finished a few days ago:

jewelry sketch dragonfly swamp brooch

I hope you enjoyed the fashion show :D

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