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Video: Messy mixed media sketchbook tour 2020–2022

I used this Fabriano sketchbook as a place to experiment with mixed media techniques. This was originally my planner/to-do list, so every page had writing on it that I covered up with paint or collaged scraps of paper. I'm really pleased with some of the pages!

I shared a video of this sketchbook earlier when it was still half-way done: Anti-perfectionist recycled art journal in progress.

Long video with explanations of the techniques I used

Short video, no talking

Here are a few other mixed media sketchbook tour videos:

Crucify study

It's been over a year since I last worked on some actual artwork that takes over a day to finish... so here it is! Except it's not finished artwork - just a study for a painting.

Crucify study

Model: my friend Jasna
Graphite and white pastel on 50x70cm toned paper. Took me around 6 and half hours over the course of a few days.

I'll begin working on a new acrylic painting tomorrow, and I decided to start with a detailed graphite study in actual size. I haven't done that before, I usually just make a loose sketch and gather references and try my best to do it right on canvas, but experience has shown I mess up proportions every time and it takes a ton of time to fix it. So now I've hopefully gotten things right on paper, so I can transfer it to canvas and speed up the painting process.
Not sure how the transferring is going to go though, I know how it works in theory, but I've never done it.

Update: Here is the finished painting!

Crucify painting

Maple elemental study

A few days before I moved from my old apartment I was walking around my hood and found scattered leaves from the poor trees that were suffering from draught. Since I already had an idea of drawing plant elementals, I picked up some leaves and seeds for reference and drew this in my sketchbook:

Maple elemental pencil and watercolor drawing

Graphite pencil and watercolor in a Canson sketchbook. I plan to turn this into a digital painting so critique is very welcome.
Here are some steps from sketch to finish:

Maple elemental work in progress sketches

Male figure studies from life

I managed to talk my boyfriend into posing for me again. This was the last drawing of the session, and the most successful one:

Male nude figure drawing on toned paper

This one was the first. The torso is a bit too long and too narrow...

Male nude figure pencil drawing

These two were a bit quicker.

Male figure pencil drawings

I have to practice a lot more, but I'm OK with how this turned out.

A day at the beach with guest artist

Yesterday my boyfriend David and I went to the beach. When showed him something in my sketchbook, he snatched my pen and started to sketch himself :) so I took my other sketchbook and proceeded to paint.

Beach watercolor sketch

Watercolor in a small Moleskine watercolor notebook
David's drawing was that of a similar view, accompanied by a interesting looking spaceship:

Beach and spaceship sketch ballpoint pen by David

Next, I did a sketch of a guy lying nearby, and after that David took the sketchbook again and drew a graffiti sketch allegedly saying "Nela".

Lying figure sketch and David's graffiti

While he was drawing the graffiti, I was sketching him:

Portrait watercolor sketch

Sketching him is always a pain because he won't stand still. But at least I was happy to share the fun of sketching with him for once :)

Today we went to the nearby mountain Učka, and after that sat down for a drink in a tavern. There I sketched this:

Tavern terrace watercolor and ink sketch

Brush pen and watercolor in a cheap Lega-lega sketchbook.

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