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Zagreb trip

I was at FFWD.PRO conference for the past 2 days. I took 3 different sketchbooks and drawing tools, but barely used any of it since I had little to no down time.

ballpoint pen sketch of water glass, ribbon and legs

Ballpoint pen in a Moleskine sketchook. Done during the lectures (that were not boring at all, despite what the category tag says).

Yesterday when I waited for my pizza to arrive I sketched a bottle, and then colored it partly in the bus and later at home just so I could justify bringing the watercolor kit with me.

Orangina bottle watercolor sketch

Watercolor, fineliner and gel pen in a small Moleskine watercolor sketchbook.

And this was my attempt of sketching my boyfriend which isn't really good at all but eh..

portrait sketch

Ballpoint pen in a Lega-lega sketchook.

Lectures are back

Black ballpoint pen. Again.

sketchbook page 41

random typography

Sometimes I pull out my sketchbook only to realize I don't have any idea what to draw (yes, it happens even to me, now more than ever), so I just write random words in hope some day perhaps I will make a font or two.

The first one is one of my regular "lectures are boring".

sketchbook page 39 - typography

The second one was made during a V:tR RPG session.

sketchbook page 40 - typography

As usual, black ballpoint pen. Lyrics are from the Tori Amos song "Icicle" (though I got one word wrong, blah).

If you're interested in nice typography, go check the I love Typography blog, some good stuff gets posted there..

Seems life my sketchblog features more text and less images with every entry, I'll refrain from doing that... but all the things I draw at class remain there so I don't have much left to post.

take a deep breath and count to ten

It always amazes me how certain people have no shame at all. Not only will they claim your work as theirs, but upon confronting them about it, they will
a) blame it on "a friend who gave it to this person claiming he/she created it" (wait, what? then why are you saying you did it?)
b) have the nerve to say those drawings were copied from some reference book, even though most of them are scribbled directly from my morbid mind (what kind of book would offer references like this, anyway?), and some of them are parts of my own face or objects found around my room
c) call me immature, poorly raised and what not, because I did not accept the fact my own work was taken and presented as someone else's. Not even copied by the offender's own hand, which I would understand, since that would mean the said person is at least interested in gaining the skill herself.

Just because I don't write NELA DUNATO on every fucking piece of my work no matter how insignificant, someone jumps at the chance and yay, look what I'm drawing when I'm bored at school — right, electrical engineering is certainly what you're made of.

Steal this, bitches.

sketchbook page 37

EDIT June 2011

The same person who did the above (posted my drawings on her Facebook profile as her own) also did this masterpiece. I warned the book author and they used another cover in the end. Some people never learn, eh?

biomechanic sketch

It's been 3 months since my last post (and 3 more months between that one and the one before), I hope this won't turn into kind of tradition.
Seriously, I wasn't drawing at all in the past few months. Not a sketch. Nothing.

So here's a warm-up from yesterday's lectures. Black ballpoint pen.

biomechanic sketch

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