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Sketchbooks update - still life edition

I was a bit sick the other day and drank a shitload of tea (like, 5x more than I usually drink) so the teapot and the cup were a logical motif for my still life studies.

Teapot and tea cup sketch in watercolour

Fine-liner and watercolor in a sketchbook.

Teapot sketches

Graphite pencil and white pastel pencil on scrap envelopes.

Summer trip No 3

I took a week off and went to my parent's place, where I had a real vacation that was all beach, coffee, going out, staying up until 5 AM sort of thing, and the only drawing I did was in my sketchbook, although I took a whole bag of art supplies with me.
I bought a new sketchbook the day before the trip and I've added my review of it to the post My Sketchbooks Comparison so you can read more about it there.

This is just the observational stuff, I'll put the rest in a separate post tomorrow.

Seaside watercolor sketchRocks pencil sketchJuice and ice coffee glasses watercolor sketchFoot colored pencil sketch

Watercolors were painted using my mini handmade watercolor sketch kit, rocks are done with a 2B mechanical pencil, and the foot was made using a sanguine oil pencil and the background with a black watercolor pencil.

Still life - from the sea, river and forest

Starfish, sea urchin, freshwater snail and hermit crab shells and leaf sketches

Leaf, freshwater snail shell, starfish, hermit crab shell and sea urchin shell done in a variety of media: graphite pencil, watercolor pencil, ballpoint pen, fine-liner, brush pen and watercolor. Done on A3 paper.
All are done directly (without pencil sketch) and very quickly so they look.. like they do.
The day before I did this page in my sketchbook:

Sea urchin sketches

I was trying to get better at simplifying and hinting texture with minimal details. Still not satisfied, I have to practice more.

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Crystals and demons

I took out some pieces of my gemstones collection and sketched them - just watercolor, no pencil sketch. Some of them I'm very satisfied with, others are not as good.

Crystals watercolor sketches - quartz, amethyst, citrine, moldavite, fulgurite, labradorite, desert rose

Watercolor in a Lega-lega sketchbook.

Morana and demon

A mechanical pencil sketch for a painting I'll do, but I don't know when and it will look quite different, at least I imagined it different.

Cup of coffee sketch

Sketched this morning while having a coffee with my friends.
Watercolor in a Lega-lega sketchbook, no pencil sketch so it's a bit crooked.

Zagreb trip

I was at FFWD.PRO conference for the past 2 days. I took 3 different sketchbooks and drawing tools, but barely used any of it since I had little to no down time.

ballpoint pen sketch of water glass, ribbon and legs

Ballpoint pen in a Moleskine sketchook. Done during the lectures (that were not boring at all, despite what the category tag says).

Yesterday when I waited for my pizza to arrive I sketched a bottle, and then colored it partly in the bus and later at home just so I could justify bringing the watercolor kit with me.

Orangina bottle watercolor sketch

Watercolor, fineliner and gel pen in a small Moleskine watercolor sketchbook.

And this was my attempt of sketching my boyfriend which isn't really good at all but eh..

portrait sketch

Ballpoint pen in a Lega-lega sketchook.

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