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Zagreb trip

I was at FFWD.PRO conference for the past 2 days. I took 3 different sketchbooks and drawing tools, but barely used any of it since I had little to no down time.

ballpoint pen sketch of water glass, ribbon and legs

Ballpoint pen in a Moleskine sketchook. Done during the lectures (that were not boring at all, despite what the category tag says).

Yesterday when I waited for my pizza to arrive I sketched a bottle, and then colored it partly in the bus and later at home just so I could justify bringing the watercolor kit with me.

Orangina bottle watercolor sketch

Watercolor, fineliner and gel pen in a small Moleskine watercolor sketchbook.

And this was my attempt of sketching my boyfriend which isn't really good at all but eh..

portrait sketch

Ballpoint pen in a Lega-lega sketchook.

More flowers and photo typography

I haven't had much time to draw in the last 3 days with this workshop, but I did this in my sketchbook on Monday before sleep with a brush pen and watercolor. Again referenced from my "The Agile Rabbit Picture Atlas of Flowers".

Flowers drawing

And here is a piece of typography me and my 3 team-mates did at the last day of Max Kisman workshop. We had to take photos of objects that look like letters and assemble it into a sentence. If you live in the northern coast of Croatia you might have a chance of understanding it. It has some funky diacritics too.

photo typography

Workshop homework poster

I'm attending a 3-day Max Kisman workshop and having a great time. Most of the work we did there was very quick and in my opinion I didn't make anything worth writing home about, but we got homework today. We had to pick one (and only one) symbol of our city and think of some kind of text to go with it on a poster. Here's a pretty bad photo of mine I just finished:


Golden marker on A2 paper sprayed with black. The marker didn't take it well.

Summer sketches

Here are some of the things I doodled in my sketchbook that I can show (other things are plans for future work, and I don't share those ;)). My boyfriend reading a book at the beach and some things from my table at the beach bar. Ballpoint pen.

sketch young man reading
sketch young man reading
sketch glass glasses sunset

And this is a page from some months earlier that I was lazy to scan, flowers on my mom's balcony. Fineliner and watercolor pencils.


random typography

Sometimes I pull out my sketchbook only to realize I don't have any idea what to draw (yes, it happens even to me, now more than ever), so I just write random words in hope some day perhaps I will make a font or two.

The first one is one of my regular "lectures are boring".

sketchbook page 39 - typography

The second one was made during a V:tR RPG session.

sketchbook page 40 - typography

As usual, black ballpoint pen. Lyrics are from the Tori Amos song "Icicle" (though I got one word wrong, blah).

If you're interested in nice typography, go check the I love Typography blog, some good stuff gets posted there..

Seems life my sketchblog features more text and less images with every entry, I'll refrain from doing that... but all the things I draw at class remain there so I don't have much left to post.