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Phoenix sketches for a shield design

I've been deep in a pile of client projects so I barely get a chance to do anything more than a doodle for myself these days, and they're not really worth sharing, so here's something I did for work.

I'm making a design for a shield of a House in a college (yes they actually have those in UK for real! I thought it was just a Harry Potter thing). They loved my Phoenix illustration so they've asked me to do something similar.

Phoenix sketches

Excuse me for the obnoxious copyright notice, but the last time I drew a phoenix it's been traced and ripped off in so many ways it's not even funny anymore (and I've managed to take down those I've found on stock vector sites).

Here are some quick shield mock-ups I sent the client along with the sketches:

Phoenix shield

Before that, I did some warm-up doodles with a brush pen, I kinda like them so here they are:

Phoenix ink doodles

Each took about a minute, it's a wonder what you can do with a brush, sometimes I feel like it's drawing itself and I don't have anything to do with it. I might make some Photoshop brushes with some of these soon, hmm.

EDIT: Here's the finished Phoenix design on my portfolio website.

Phoenix design

An illustration I completely forgot to post

This was a secret project so I wasn't allowed to post it right away, and when I could I didn't remember to do it. It was a free (pro bono) rush work so it's very rough. Most of the details got lost in the budget print so I didn't bother painting details in the background, just the main character and a hinting of the monsters.

Istromancer cover illustration

Characters include Davor Šišović, the central figure of the book and the recipient of this unusual gift, the giant Veli Jože, vampire Jure Grando and a female supernatural creature that could be a Mora (nightmare), or a štriga (witch).

You can see the footage of the guerrilla book presentation here.

Orphaned work

These are some illustrations I did at work that got scrapped because they didn't match the style we were going for with this product - I ended up with something simplified. And the "out of the box" metaphor was just too "in your face" lol :D

Both are vectors done in Inkscape.

Out of the box

The cart is terrible, I know. I hate drawing shopping carts.


I'm really fond of this gelatinous graph. I actually might redo it in a more free color scheme and offer it as a stock, hm.

Poetry night poster and other things

This is a quick drawing/design for my friend's poetry evening. It's supposed to be printed in black and white, so I didn't want to use many gray shades because who knows how it's going to turn out.

This is a logo for our Vampire: The Requiem website. I made a few versions, but this one got the most votes.

I finally started taking figurative drawing classes. I'm the oldest in the group and the other girls were complaining our first assignment (drawing a mannequin) was "too hard", so the teacher said she'll pick an easier task next time, which didn't make me very happy since I want to make progress. I hope eventually we'll get to portraits and figure drawing as she told me.

wasted work vol. 1

Sadly, some of the stuff I work my ass of for never goes through. This junk is scattered all over my disk, so I decided to share a few.

dart board
web design featuring a kite
web design featuring ivy

Remember, these are not taken, so if you want it to be customized for your web site it can be arranged ;)

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