Fantasy sketches from my vacation

I've been enjoying the work of Glenn Arthur on Instagram and since he uses color pencils a lot in his sketches, I decided to do some color pencil sketching with this glowing tattoo feel to it as well. Not bad for a first try I think.
All of the sketches are from my new Canson sketchbook.

Tentacle girl color pencil drawing

My boyfriend challenged me to draw a monster (and while I do draw monsters on occasion, they're all too humanoid) so I tried to do something more Sci-Fi. I used a fine-liner, and I think I still have a lot to work on in terms of comic-style ink shading.

arachnid monster ink drawing

This one I didn't manage to finish because I was testing combinations of skin tones first, and still haven't decided on what colors to use.

Mermaid pencil sketch

I'm working on some digital pieces now so I don't know when I'll finish her. EDIT: Finished!