Rijeka city clock tower

Today I went downtown to a bar that's overlooking city's main street, Korzo, to draw some buildings from the bird's view. I chose the tower because it fit my new Moleskine watercolor sketchbook nicely (yes I know another sketchbook!). I sketched it with a pencil to get the proportions right (though it still looks wonky), went over the lines with a fine-liner, colored it with watercolor and added some black accents with a brush pen. It took me well over an hour to do this, I'm very slow..

Rijeka city clock tower sketch

The wind was blowing and it was freezing cold up there on the balcony, my hands were shaking toward the end so I couldn't work on fine details.
The waiter was very amused and then went to show the finished drawing to his boss, and invited me to come again to draw: "We have some nice buildings on the other side too!" - he was very nice and beside a little chatting didn't nag me too much, but I still suffer from performance anxiety and freak out a little when people watch me draw. But I guess you can't avoid attracting attention when drawing outside.
Here's a snapshot of my sketchbook with my sketching tools and the tower (shadows are a bit different because the Sun moved quickly):

Rijeka city clock tower sketch



I love it. Turned out great


Thanks, glad you think so! :)


ze flag looks great! ;) sviđa mi se ova tehnika.


Tnx! :* Novo mi je ovo ali učim se, i meni se sviđa :)