Sketchbook addict strikes again

Seriously, I have to stop buying art supplies faster than I can use them. I gave in and bought a Moleskine. Le gasp! It's a large (that's what they call it, I think of it as medium-sized) sketchbook with red covers. I would have gotten black if they had it in the store, I think this one screams for attention too much.
The reason I bought it is that I wanted a larger sketchbook with smooth pages for inking - my Lega-lega one has tooth and it doesn't work well with a brush pen. I'm not crazy about the yellow tone of pages though - I like a neutral off-white of my other sketchbooks a lot more.
Anyway, I did one sketch in it so far, some more flowers from the book I mentioned.

flowers sketch

Pentel pocket brush pen, Koh-i-Noor watercolor pencils, Pentel Aquash waterbrush.

I mispelled the plant name. It's zantedeschia.

EDIT: Turns out this Moleskine sketchbook is pretty terrible for inking. It soaks up ink in a very weird way, so everything looks faded and un-uniform. Definitely *not* for calligraphy! My quest for the perfect sketchbook continues.