Spider lady

I was ill for a week and thus too tired to even get up from bed, let alone do something, like draw.. or whatever. Now just that I got better the weather is terrible and I have a million things to do and I'm feeling a bit depressed. So I decided to draw something to shake it off. Not really sure if it worked.

Spider lady in a dress ink sketch

Pentel brush pen in a Moleskine sketchbook.
I started drawing a lady in a dress and she just got the spider legs in the process... though they're not visible. I always wanted to draw Lolth, but this isn't how I imagined her :) I'll paint her some other day.



hi,at first i am really sorry about my mistake you're right and i should link your website but i stopped my web site and i did'nt write anything there!
so I really sorry for this.
you are very good artist and i really enjoy your drawing
i am sorry because my english is not very well
but i am your friend if you like and absolve me


It's fine, it just wasn't a polite thing to do ;)


like :) ima neki divlji duh, sviđa mi se.


Hvala! i ja sam zadovoljna :)