take a deep breath and count to ten

It always amazes me how certain people have no shame at all. Not only will they claim your work as theirs, but upon confronting them about it, they will
a) blame it on "a friend who gave it to this person claiming he/she created it" (wait, what? then why are you saying you did it?)
b) have the nerve to say those drawings were copied from some reference book, even though most of them are scribbled directly from my morbid mind (what kind of book would offer references like this, anyway?), and some of them are parts of my own face or objects found around my room
c) call me immature, poorly raised and what not, because I did not accept the fact my own work was taken and presented as someone else's. Not even copied by the offender's own hand, which I would understand, since that would mean the said person is at least interested in gaining the skill herself.

Just because I don't write NELA DUNATO on every fucking piece of my work no matter how insignificant, someone jumps at the chance and yay, look what I'm drawing when I'm bored at school — right, electrical engineering is certainly what you're made of.

Steal this, bitches.

sketchbook page 37

EDIT June 2011

The same person who did the above (posted my drawings on her Facebook profile as her own) also did this masterpiece. I warned the book author and they used another cover in the end. Some people never learn, eh?



It just makes me smad (sad + mad) that someone is stealing your work. Your work is your own and you deserve the credit; your imagination is your own and no one should steal from it. I'm sorry - individuals are just rude.

Still, this just reinforces my view about your work: it's epic & brilliant. Wish I had monies now...


shity. really. al kaj. živimo u takvom svijetu. sve se krade. :/

ovo lice.. jesi to crtala sebe ili se meni pričinjava?

htjela sam ti zahvalit za tutor.blog, bez tog bi izgubila živce milion puta. :D


@Mihoriel: Thank you. It's not the "imagination" I'm complaining about, it's lying to my (virtual) face as if I was a 5-year-old, and that I cannot stand.

@Marthina: Jest, moja faca :)
Nema na čemu, drago mi je da ti je pomogao ;)