Video: My portable sketching kits collection

Being a mixed media artist, in my 15 years of sketching on the go I discovered that just one sketching kit doesn't fulfill all my creative needs. That's why I've developed not one, not two, not three, but five different sketching kits for every occasion, and I share them in this video:

The five kits are:

00:13 Minimal sketching kit
04:14 Basic sketching kit
07:02 Watercolor sketching kit
15:16 Study sketching kit
23:37 Travel sketching kit

For a text summary and a complete list of tools I mentioned in the video, read the article on my main blog: 5 types of portable sketching kits I use: watercolor, minimal, travel kit & more

In other news, I updated my sketchbooks comparison review post again with some new sketchbooks, and the table is now color-coded. I have some new interesting sketchbooks on my table at the moment, and when I get a chance to test them thoroughly, I'll add them to the post.